HV L-Chrome Standard Weight Plates

HV L-Chrome Standard Weight Plates

HV L-Chrome Standard Weight Plates are simple, classic, and tough enough for daily using. And, HV L-Chrome Standard Weight Plates have precision rims and radius edges. So all plates are consistent in weight, size and quality!


The material of HV L-Chrome Standard Weight Plate is cast iron. And, the surface coating is chrome. It is hard, durable and beautiful. There are silver, black and gold three colors you can choose. And it also is more beautiful.

HV L-Chrome Standard Weight Plates range from 0.5 kgs. up to 20 kgs. Of course, custom orders is available as per customer’s requests. And the weight is marked by Lbs. and Kgs.

Firstly, each chrome weight plate is fully machined on a CNC machine to ensure precision dimensions and weight. And they are machined down to 1 inch, so they fit any 1 inch standard bars.

Secondly, chrome standard weight plates feature a classy appearance. Hard chrome plating resists flaking and is extremely durable.

Thirdly, highly visible weight numbers won’t wear down easily.


HV L-Chrome Standard Weight Plates have abundant functions. It can work great for your stabilizing muscles, build your strength stability and power, and improve the agility and speed of movement. HV L-Chrome Standard Weight Plates also is ideal for cardio vascular fitness and strength training. Because it can give you a complete workout.


We can find HV L-Chrome Standard Weight Plates in many places in life, such as Garage gyms, School weight rooms, Commercial gyms, and Cross-fit boxes. Moreover, Military fitness, Training studios, and Performance training centers also include them.

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