HV 34 Inch Triple Holes Olympic Barbell

HV 34 Inch Triple Holes Olympic Barbell

Barbell is a classic, tried-and-true way to train strength and improve fitness. HV 34 Inch Triple Holes Olympic Barbell is a gold standard of resistance training for increasing strength, building lean muscle and increasing sports performance.


Firstly, the barbell is available in different weights for a customized weight training experience. And the HV 34 Inch Triple Holes Olympic Barbell is easy to maintain, and it won’t get rust easily. It is suitable for commercial and home.

Secondly, the bar is with diamond knurled hand-grips. The structure can help keep the bar from sliding off the neck or shoulders when you are squatting. The knurled handles are ergonomically contoured to fit comfortably and securely into the palm of your hand.

Thirdly, the barbell has a chrome finished, smooth and shiny surface. It protects bars against rust, chipping, scarring and peeling. It also can add flash to your everyday workout routine.

Finally, The HV 34 Inch Triple Holes Olympic Barbell is designed for a full body workout. Especially, it is perfect for arms, chest, back and legs. This Weight Set can do it all.


HV 34 Inch Triple Holes Olympic Barbell is great tool for strengthening a wide variety of muscles. Keeping your exercise program varied and fresh is great way to achieve your fitness goals. We can find HV 34 Inch Triple Holes Olympic Barbell in anywhere in life, such as Garage gyms, School weight rooms, Commercial gyms, and Cross-fit boxes. Moreover, Military fitness, Training studios, and Performance training centers also can find it.

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