HV5325 25kg Chrome Steel Dumbbell

HV5325 25kg Chrome Steel Dumbbell

HV5325 25kg Chrome Steel Dumbbell contains 1kg*4 steel plates, 1.75kg*4 steel plates, 2.5kg*4 steel plates, 35cm*2 bars, and 4 double safety collars.

The material of HV steel dumbbell is 45# steel and the finish coating is chrome. It is hard, durable and beautiful. There are silver (HV5325), black (HV5325B) and golden (HV5325G) three color you can choose for the dumbbell.The chrome plating can isolate the air and prevent rusting quickly to add the service lifetime. And it also make the dumbbell more beautiful.

The bar is shaped jujube pit and knurled, which can help us grip dumbbell more easily and comfortably.

The double safety collar improves the horizontal thickness to 30mm which adds the number of thread. And the collar has a extra bolt in vertical direction. So that the collar can more effectively prevent steel plates slip and improve the safety of dumbbell.

We have a series of steel dumbbell with different weight for different exercise needs of different users. They are 10kg steel dumbbell (HV5210), 15kg steel dumbbell (HV5215), 20kg steel dumbbell (HV5220), 25kg steel dumbbell (HV5325), and 30kg steel dumbbell (HV5330 HV5430). Whatever level you are, you can find a right dumbbell for yourself in HV.

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