Regular Dumbbell and Barbell Plates HV Plates

Regular Dumbbell and Barbell Plates  HV Plates

Regular Dumbbell and Barbell Plates are all very similar specially when it comes to the coating. Most are purchased painted in black or gray enamel. Chrome is available for a bright, high end look. And for those that want to protect their floors and other equipment when the plates are dropped, there is rubber coated.

Regular Weight Plates for barbells and dumbbells feature a 1” diameter center hole as opposed to a 2” diameter center hole seen in Olympic plates. This means that only barbell bars, dumbbell handles or certain types of plate loaded home gym equipment with 1” diameter plate sleeves can utilize this type of weightlifting plate. Most regular cast iron weight plates for adjustable dumbbell handles and weight lifting bars are intended for home use in a home gym or small training studio.

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