Different Types of Regular Weightlifting Barbell Bars

Different Types of Regular Weightlifting Barbell Bars

Just like the Olympic bars, the Regular Weightlifting Barbell Bars offer many different shapes and sizes to choose from depending on your fitness goal.

For adding size and strength to the forearms and biceps, check out an EZ-curl bar available with smooth weight sleeves for regular collars or the Star-Lock sleeve which features a threaded sleeve and internally threaded collar that keeps barbell plates locked on tight.

A tricep bar with neutral grips allow the palms to face each other for enhances tricep isolation when performing tricep extensions and close grip tricep presses.

Threaded Solid Chrome Curl Bar provides strength and style to your weight training workouts with its solid steel construction and attractive chrome finish. It fits standard plates with 1-inch holes, and has star-lock collars to hold them securely.

The spinlock bar has a chromium plated, solid steel construction and is supplied with spinlock collars for quick plate changes and added security. It has the diameter of 1″ on the ends and as such is compatible with standard weight plates.

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