Bad Form Barbell Rows Workouts

Bad Form Barbell Rows Workouts

Barbell Rows will strengthen your back if you use proper form. But they’ll hurt your lower back if you do them with Bad Form Barbell Rows. Don’t Barbell Row with your lower back rounded. Don’t over-arch it either by hyper-extending your lower spine. Both squeeze your spinal discs and can cause lower back injuries like herniated discs. Keep your lower back neutral. Barbell Row with a natural arch like when you stand and you’ll be safe.

Bad Form Barbell Rows is the main cause of back pain on Barbell Rows. Your lower back must stay neutral. Keep the natural arch in your lower back like when you stand. Rounding your lower back is bad because it squeezes your spinal discs from the front. Excess arching of your lower back is also bad. It squeezes your spinal discs as well but from the back. The safest way to Barbell Row is with a neutral lower back.

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